Car Accidents Patient Care

How long does it take to schedule a new patient appointment for a victim of a car accident?

We can accommodate someone with a next day appointment as long as the claim has already been filed with the insurance company and you provide your car insurance information with a claim number and adjuster name.

Do you accept new patients involved in a car accident?

Yes, we do as long as an accident took place in the state of Florida.

Do you do a pain level assessment on all victims of car accidents?

Yes, this is a very important point in the evaluation of the severity of the bodily damage from a car accident.

Does Dr. Madfis prescribe pain-controlling medications for victims of car accidents?

Yes, after evaluation and assessment of the injuries Dr. Madfis puts together an individual comprehensive plan of care for each victim. He does all the referrals to other caregivers and continues to monitor the progress.

Does the office have its own MRI Machine?

We do not have an in-office MRI and refer all the cases to a very reputable high-quality equipment outpatient radiology practice.  Appointments are available on the same day of service with morning, evening, and weekend hours. Transportation to and from the facility is also available upon request free-of-charge.

What is the best course of action for patients with car accident related injury?

Early assessment of the bodily injury with an early establishment of the plan of care reduces complications and makes all the treatment modalities much more effective.

Can someone involved in a car accident see the doctor for an issue other than car accident related matters?

Yes, absolutely. Most of the patients treated for an accident related injuries end up seeing Dr. Madfis for all their medical issues and designate him as their PCP.

How frequently do you typically need to follow-up an after a car accident care?

It all depends on the severity of the damages. Dr. Madfis will guide and navigate you through the course of treatment.

Does the office has in-house physical therapy?

No, we do not have in-house physical therapy.  However, we have arrangements with physical therapy facilities throughout Jacksonville.

Does Dr. Madfis make an assessment of injuries and writes a narrative report at the end of the treatment course?

Yes, he has done it for over 20 years and has helped a tremendous amount of victims of car accidents to put their case together with an assessment of the whole body impairment rating per AMA guidelines.

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